A busy few weeks!

Zebras have been very busy the last few weeks. The class brought in wonderful hats for World Book Day that you can see below.


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The class also became University Detectives when they visited Nottingham University. The pupils behaved wonderfully and asked a lot of thoughtful questions. Well done!


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Shape investigation!

Zebras have been hard at work after half term. The class used clay and straws to recap their understanding of 3D shapes. They did very well creating their own 3D shapes!

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Internet Safety Week

This week was Internet Safety Week and Zebra class have been learning about how to stay safe  and that personal information should not be shared over the internet. The pupils created wonderful information posters to share with the rest of the school.

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Some of Zebra class also wanted to share what they made out of play dough in their Star Time.

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Land ahoy!

Zebra class have been hard at work this week, drawing tally charts and pictograms in Maths, writing up their diary entries from a character’s view in Writing and learning about different habitats in Science.

We have began to create our model boats that we have been designing the last few weeks. The different groups worked really well together and they have started to take shape! Thank you for bringing in bottles and odd bits of recycling to help us.

For all of Zebra’s hard work, we also had a visitor Friday from Winnie with Mr Sainsbury!

Here is some artwork created by Ellie-Grace that impressed everyone in her Star Time group. Well done!

Zebra’s new project!

Zebra class have come back after the Christmas break with a great attitude and already have been hard at work in all of their lessons.

Our new text for the half term is ‘The Lighthouse Keepers ‘s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage.

Based on this text, we are going to be building our own boats over the half term and the class investigated different materials to build their boats out of.

We have also learnt about how to be safe on the internet, discussing different things we can and can’t share.

Finally, the class have worked hard in their Maths lessons with division calculations.

Keep up the good work Zebra class!

Mr Heritage

End of Term showcase

Zebras have worked very hard over the Autumn Term and created some amazing work for the presentation showcase using our Writing, Art and Design Technology. Here are examples of the houses we created!

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Looking forward to continuing the brilliant work after Christmas!

Zebra investigators!

Zebra class have been working hard this week for their Christmas Production next week. They are really looking forward to showing everyone their performances!

Zebra class also have been investigating houses over time in History, working together to create a timeline.

In Science, pupils have also been curious scientists, researching how materials can be squashed, squeezed, stretched and if they are flexible. The class worked really well and discussed each material carefully, well done!